Envirosphere Labs Water Testing Services

Enviroshpere Water TestingEnvirosphere Labs offers accredited water testing and analysis services for residential, commercial, government, and industrial requirements.

Regular water testing can give you the assurance that your drinking water is safe. Tests can also reveal problems before they become serious health concerns. Envirosphere Labs' water testing service ensures that you get the tests and information you need to help you make decisions about your drinking water. We also provide routine monitoring services for businesses and registered water suppliers in central Nova Scotia and the Annapolis Valley.

Sample Containers: Pick up at our office and laboratory in the Windsor/West Hants Industrial Park. Water sample bottles from hospitals or other labs are completely acceptable.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Keep samples cool and drop off within 24 hours of collection. For best turn-around time of water tests, samples must be delivered by 11 AM, Monday to Friday.

Turnaround Times: Bacterial test results are available in 24 hours. Chemical/mineral tests take 5 to 7 business days. RUSH  analyses for chemical/mineral tests are available for an additional fee.

Payment: Accepted when sample is dropped off, unless otherwise arranged. We accept cash, cheque, debit, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX.

Most Common Tests and Packages:

Bacteria — For mortgages and general checks on your well.

Budget Test (Arsenic, Uranium & Bacteria)—Our recommended test for the most serious water-related health concerns.

Ultimate Home Owner Package — Measures important water contaminants and is likely to cover most key health issues. Provides basic information for setting up water treatment systems.

The table below explains the different water test packages we offer. Custom packages are available on request to suit your agricultural or industrial requirements. Click on any of the recommended packages for a list of water quality features included in each package.




Price (HST included)

BASIC Bacteria
Well Check & Harmful Bacteria
Budget Package Well Check, Harmful Bacteria, Arsenic & Uranium $175.00
BETTER Ultimate Home Owner Package The Main Constituents You Need to Know for Health & Water Treatment $325.00
BEST Complete Package Gives all Constituents and Characteristics  to Assess Health & Water Quality
OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS Health Canada Lead - Custom Packages
Test water for presence of lead from distribution lines and plumbing components
Ask about our PLUS Packages
  Metals & Bacteria Economical Test for Problem Metals Like Iron and Manganese as well as Arsenic, Uranium & Bacteria $215.00
  Individual Tests Test for One or More Metals, Hardness, etc. Discounts for Multiple Samples or Parameters.    Call us! Starting at $110.00
 FARMS  Bacteria Counts  Farm Milk Quality Programs & General Livestock Health
 INDUSTRIAL  Suspended Solids (TSS), pH, Dissolved Oxygen, BOD, Bacteria Counts
Used for Effluent Monitoring. pH is a good test to identify potential for corrosion
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