About Envirosphere

Envirosphere Consultants Limited is an environmental consulting company servicing the Halifax-Dartmouth area and central Nova Scotia from offices and labs located in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Our consultants are specialists in assisting industry and government in environmental research and assessment with emphasis on biological studies of marine and freshwater environments.

The company specializes in environmental impact assessments for the registration of industrial facilities & quarries under the Nova Scotia Environment Act; wetland alteration approvals; marine habitat assessment for ports and coastal development; seabed habitat video surveys and interpretation; research studies; and lab services for industry and government. Our research and development activities have provided sound scientific input to the environmental regulatory process, and have been important in better decision-making, education, increased public awareness and improved communications in the field of environment.

Some of our projects are illustrated in the images below.


Patrick Stewart M.Sc., President of Envirosphere Consultants Limited

patrick-260pxPatrick has over 35 years experience in environmental science, consulting, and environmental assessment, in particular focusing on bottom organisms, sediments and seabed processes.

He has extensive knowledge of environmental assessment and the impact of human activities on the marine environment, and has been involved in major environmental impact statements as well as publications and research involving projects and industrial activities in Eastern Canada.

Heather Levy (BSc. Biology (Honours), Environmental Science) - Biologist & Lab Manager

heather400pxHeather is responsible for projects dealing with freshwater fish habitat assessment and benthic invertebrate monitoring, environmental science, environmental assessment,  water quality and monitoring, statistical analysis and scientific data management. Ms. Levy has a broad background including fish biology, geology, environmental science, water analysis and biological surveys.

Hayley Doyle, B.Env.Sc.

Hayley DoyleHayley is a versatile field biologist and environmental scientist who provides expertise in fish habitat assessment and offsetting, environmental monitoring, wetlands and biophysical environmental assessments and associated surveys.
Hayley's background includes community engagement, fish habitat surveys and assessment, and wetland assessment.

Joy Baker, B.A. Dip.Eng.Tech, C.E.T.

Joy BakerJoy provides field and lab services support for environmental monitoring, water sampling, industrial drinking water sampling, and remediation projects.
In addition to her interests in world travel and archaeology, she is a keen biological observer and outdoors person, and fits in well with with our diverse project load .

Sean Timpa, B.Sc Biology / Geology; MSc Geology

Sean TimpaSean provides field services support and management, geology input for environmental assessments and quarry work, and provides database management and IT skills to our water testing operations.
Sean has seen it all as a mineral exploration geologist, oil industry database manager, and biologist and outdoorsman and is a valuable asset to the Envirosphere team.